Analytics & Reporting

Powerful, customisable real-time dashboards and reports
to drive better decisions

Analytics & Reporting
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Access invaluable insights into donor behaviour

In built reports track all areas of your charity from donors, donations, sponsorships, regular giving and retention

  • Comparative reporting allows you to easily compare current and previous points in time
  • Configurable campaigns with custom date-ranges generate reports tailored to your fundraising calendar
  • Pin KPI visuals to your dashboard for ready access and at-a-glance tracking

Powerful filtering and customisation of what’s important to you

ENGAGE allows you to adjust reporting requirements as you grow:

Choose your own reporting periods and compare like for like
Create bookmarked reports, so you can track what’s important to you.
Built on top of Power BI, upload custom reports independently

Comprehensive reports to drive decision making

ENGAGE allows you to access data/reports across a number of elements:

  • Access real-time information on donations, financials, sponsorships and pledges
  • Use key information to drive your strategy. Access immediate feedback on new strategies to measure success and outcomes
  • Identify key trends and respond quicker to donor habits. Pinpoint and segment donors according to their donation preferences to deliver relevant, targeted communication 

Set your own access and permissions

Whether you’re focused on sharing reports with all the team, or need to carefully restrict views, be reassured Engage allows you to easily configure all preferences

Set granular permissions

You can decide who has access to which data

Report Sharing

You are able to share selected reports with particular colleagues

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