Call Centre

An integrated call centre module
to manage all of your call campaigns

Call Centre
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Fully integrated call-centre capabilities

  • Manage both inbound and outbound calls to maximise revenue generation
  • Full integration ensures all data is accessible within the system and any requests are managed in real time, with no time lags or other parties involved.
  • Save considerable expenses and enjoy improved efficiency. Engage does away with external standalone software that creates extra, costly and unnecessary steps in the smooth running of your call centre operation.

Manage a team
or department of staff

Whether it’s 2 or 50 people, ENGAGE’s call centre helps you to:

Manage your teams

Create a hierarchy of staff through call centre agents, team leads and managers 

Track their time

Accurately track staff shifts and call durations. Reporting can systemise staff payments and other benefits.

You can easily view your team’s with time-tracking, clock-in, clock-out and breaks, allowing you to stay on top of team member’s presence and progress.

Motivate your staff

Show real-time income vs targets, where staff are the most productive

Monitor your team’s performance to ensure a thriving, productive team, see how much individuals raise and evaluate which campaigns are successful.  

Track call outcomes and other automations to improve efficiency

Find out how the call centre
can provide a positive donor experience

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