Fast, flexible and accurate handling of all types of donations

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A comprehensive CRM to accurately manage your funds

Donations are the heart of your charity. Engage allows you to ensure a smooth and pleasant donor experience, every time.

  • Donations, not products: Engage is exclusively for charities and has been built upon decades of experience across the sector
  • Strong foundations first: Accurate, structured data at source allows for precise fund management across your organisation
  • Full flexibility allows Engage to be tailored to your organisation's evolving needs

Designed to support all types of fund restrictions

Whether it’s a general donation or a contribution to a specific project, Engage is able to capture any donor restrictions and ensure these are maintained and visible throughout the system.

Retain donors, offer flexible ways to give

One-off, regular and scheduled donations allow your donors to give in a way and at a time to suit them. 

From topping up a sponsorship to paying off a pledge, every type of giving is supported. 

Set thematic and regional restrictions

Allow your donors to support specific campaigns and causes without compromising on accurate fund management.

Ensure a positive donation experience, every time

Engage gives you the tools to ensure every donation strengthens the relationship with your charity. Automated receipts, communications and tax relief provides donors with peace of mind their donation has been correctly handled. 

Flexible editing and adjustment of donations ensures any changes are efficiently recorded and swiftly confirmed. 

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