Enhanced Fundraising

Allow Engage to maximise your charity’s fundraising potential

Enhanced Fundraising

Make your fundraising more effective with targeted campaigns

Tailor your engagement

Segment donors according to their level of engagement, donation preferences and behaviours so you never miss a fundraising opportunity

Access quick, meaningful insights

Speedily access the intuitive and relevant information you need to tell you how much a donor is likely to give, which causes they prefer supporting and when is the optimal time to ask

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Track and manage all your fundraiser pledges

Pledges open up fundraising opportunities for your charity, through providing varied ways of giving. Engage allows easy tracking and active management of each pledge to ensure a higher conversion rate and more successful pledges completed.

  • Integrate, pull in and manage pledges from all the most popular crowd-giving platforms in one place
  • Combine online and offline fundraising seamlessly You can easily top up donations via phone, card, bank transfer to any open pledges
  • Manage different outcomes for raised pledges - from closing a pledge when total reached, keeping a pledge open/extending for additional donations or creating duplicates

Clear visibility so you know where your donors are coming from

Gain insights into where your donors and donations are coming from. Learn which fundraising channels are working and what the outcomes of different interactions are

Track how your fundraising team are doing so you can give credit where its due for strong performance, as well as flagging weak areas for improvement

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