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Welcome to Three’s Company

We provide technology to help charities grow stronger.

It’s a simple idea, and it’s the foundation of everything we do.

We- Noor Drummond and Rehan Salim– are driven by passion for charity. Our journeys in the sector began rooted in Fundraising and Programmes respectively. Our paths met at a juncture, developing unified systems to manage it all.

We first experienced the transformative power of technology in our roles leading marketing and project delivery teams. Through the development of integrated systems, we saw our organisations flourish. Systems we designed enabled more targeted and effective marketing, real-time fund availability and swift financial reconciliation.  We witnessed, time and again, how good systems provided strong automation, data, and insights- to drive better decisions and reduce costs.

Of course, all the jargon is just a means to an end. Ultimately, we saw happier donors and beneficiaries served better- the most important goals for any charity.  

The story is not all rosy, however. It would be misleading to only focus on happy endings. Sadly, we observed another story often playing out in the sector: a lack of systems, expensive platforms requiring arduous customisation or poorly designed systems that were more a hindrance than a help.

In fulfilling the need for better technology, we see an opportunity to serve charities in a way that truly makes a difference.

Three’s Company, never a crowd. Here, we’d like you to keep our company as we journey through the Third Sector. Though we’ll speak often about systems, this is always with an understanding that the most important part of any organisation is its people. Our blog therefore will navigate developments that affect your charity, showcase best practices, share real-world musings, and offer a number of practical tips to help you and your team carry out even more great work.  

Welcome and thank you for stopping by!

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We provide technology to help charities grow stronger. It’s simple, but the foundation of everything we do.