N3O is a technology company currently specialising in the not-for-profit sector.

We know charities already have enough to do – collect donations, manage finances, maintain stakeholder relations and a whole host of other tasks to run effectively.

This is why our purpose-built Engage CRM and suite of products helps charities improve efficiency, raise funds and manage operations seamlessly.

Our Story

Founded in 2018, N3O was the conception of Noor Drummond and Rehan Salim. 

Having worked for over two decades in the third sector, they found challenges organisations faced across fundraising, IT, and programme delivery. They realised the frustrations of the founders and charity partners in finding systems well suited to their unique charitable needs.

Their belief that “strong systems build strong charities”, coupled with a deep understanding and hands-on experience of the sector, gave birth to a cloud-tech company – N3O, specialising in the charity sector.

Since then, N3O has been providing tailored technology to help charities realise their full potential.

Our Mission

Charities and not-for-profits are pivotal in contributing to overcoming the global challenges we face. The role of technology in this space cannot be underestimated. However, many charities struggle to find technology that caters to their specific needs, let alone a solution that supports a vast array of charity operations.

Therefore, we are on a mission to help charities streamline their processes with our sector-specific cloud technology solutions so they can focus on serving those in need.

This is our way of making an impact!

Our Values

This is what defines us:


We are principled and trustworthy. We aim to follow through on what we promise. Customers’ best interests are our priority rather than just our Own.


Our first-hand experience in the charity sector has lent us an understanding of the challenges of building and running charity-specific systems. All this knowledge and expertise are combined into our product.


Our highly specialised system focuses on the third sector, and we are proud of this. Our deep understanding of the third sector makes us rightfully qualified to address its challenges.


Our feature-rich product is high-quality, with a design focus on charities and non-profit organisations. Unlike seasoned competitors, our bespoke functionality for the third sector is promising.

Value for money

Our pricing is transparent and affordable, designed for all-size organisations. It offers great value for money with a highly functional system, priced much lower than systems with similar functionality.

We believe in the work charities do.

Our technology enables you to do more: be more effective, be more transparent and make more impact.

Join N3O as we realise that ambition, together.

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