N3O provides tailored technology to help charities realise their full potential

Who are we?

N3O was founded by Noor Drummond and Rehan Salim.

Over the years, we’ve learnt a thing or two about the charity sector. Together, we have amassed over 20 years of experience working across fundraising, IT and programme delivery. We intimately understand the challenges that exist within organisations and what the solutions need to look like.

We believe strong systems build strong charities. Our expertise allows us to provide the most effective systems by working closely with organisations to meet their complete (and often complex) needs.

N3O was built to solve the problems that we saw and see everyday,. We are uniquely placed and deeply vested in what we do. The combined knowledge, experience and skills sets we have harnessed means we understand all aspects of what a charity does and can provide the technical systems to underpin that.

There are plenty of CRM systems out there today. So why are we here?

N3O was borne out of the frustrations of the founders, and the exasperation of our charity partners, in finding systems well suited to the unique needs of the charity sector. And who is best placed to know exactly what those needs are? Those who have already spent decades on the inside, of course.

Software and off-the-shelf systems are commonplace, however what doesn’t exist is a comprehensive suite of software designed to do the core things a charity needs.

 We saw an opportunity to help charities achieve more. 

Whether it’s donation handling, programme delivery or financial management, N3O believes every thing a charity does should be made better and simpler through a system that delivers across the board. 

Our deep understanding of the sector comes from a place of authenticity and on-the-ground experience.

Our work rests on an important premise, and that is of starting strong. Systems built on firm foundations are essential to pre-empt and tackle technological challenges that can hinder the efficient running of your organisation.

We are here because we believe in doing better and striving harder to support the essential work already underway.

What sets us apart?

  • We understand what’s needed

We don’t just design what existing systems do, we implement best practice based on what charities need. We know charity-specific systems should provide an integrated range of functionalisting, allowing you to work free of constraints.

  • We provide accessible technology

Not all organisations have the capacity or funds to benefit from in-built systems. N3O’s technology is designed to be affordable, and therefore accessible to the sector it was built for. We believe cost should never inhibit the smooth, transparent management of your organisation’s needs.

  • We come with decades of experience

Our history of building bespoke systems for large organisations is one of the many outcomes of our years on hands-on experience in the sector. We distil the active learning we have accrued over the years to build you exceptional systems that not only last the test of time, but can adapt for the future too.

Our relationships with charity partners last years and are intimately familiar. The necessary conversations and input we gather trickle into and add value to the systems we design.

  • We are a strong, broad team with essential expertise

Our team is highly skilled, varied and make up just the right people for the job. N3O has a large, talented team of UI UX designers, software engineers, analysts, coders, testers and developers. We pick our team wisely and make sure our work is not only enriched by a myriad of skills but is collectively fuelled by a passion to elevate the sector.

We believe in the work charities do.

Our technology enables you to do more: be more effective, be more transparent and make more impact.

Join N30 as we realise that ambition, together.

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