Data Import

Bulk import all of your data quickly and accurately
with Engage’s smart-matching functionality

Data Import

Import your data from multiple sources

Engage’s self service import function is designed to make the importing process efficient and painless.

Support for a wide range of data sources – From JustGiving, LaunchGood, PayPal, Virgin Money Giving, to new platforms regularly added as well as custom templates available

Real-time integration from your organisation’s website so all donations come into one place

Ad-hoc upload of CSV files allows you to bring data from other systems

Keep your data accurate

Bad data costs your organisation money and impacts your reputation

Intelligent matching of import data – Engage’s intelligent matching automates much of the process, reducing costs and staff time

Maintain the quality of your donor database by ensuring imported data is cleansed, invalid emails corrected and inaccuracies rectified

De-duplicate data at the point of import to ensure your data remains clean and donors remain satisfied

Track and log your imports to ensure compliance

A full audit trail available to see what data has been imported, where it came from and who administered it

Enhanced security through fine-grain control and restrictions over which teams can import which sets of data

Ensure strong compliance on imported data with bespoke validation

See how much time your team could save with Engage's smart data import

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