Connect with your donors
through timely, relevant communications


Automated communications with your donors

Automate routine communications with your donor base to save costs, free up staff time and strengthen brand loyalty

Automatic triggers

Use triggers to automate email and print responses for new donations, accounts created and orphans sponsored

Utilise contact lists

Link your email, print and SMS lists for effective, targeted communications

Consistently manage emails, print and SMS from one place

Bulk generate targeted communications to your donors. Use this to:

Branded Templates

Create polised bespoke templates for automated emails/PDF to donors, showcasing your charity’s branding

Print Batches

Grouped print batches automatically created so you can print any correspondence generated immediately in a single print run

Sending Emails

Dedicated outboxes provide each department with a shared way to communicate with donors.

Empower all your departments to communicate with donors

Cover all aspects of your donor communications:

Send specific feedback to key donors e.g. Send a Winter campaign feedback report to everyone who donated to your Winter Emergency Appeal.

Send a one-shot email to all donors who have had failed payments. Collect potential lost income through one email

Send emails from individual accounts or from a pre-defined list. Keep all communications manageable with a visible, full audit trail.

See the difference efficient communications can make for your charity

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