Tailored management for every type sponsorship schemes


A dedicated system for a unique type of giving

We understand sponsorship is a unique type of giving, that requires tailor-made functionality.

Running an effective sponsorship scheme can often be daunting. Keeping track of donors, accurately assigning donation income to beneficiaries, providing regular reports and chasing renewals are just some of the considerations to worry about. 

Engage’s powerful sponsorship management handles all of these and more so you can focus on providing the best possible donor experience and growing your organisation’s sponsorship potential. 

All options on the table

You are in control here.

Engage allows you to :

  • capture any kind of source date your charity needs (from an orphan’s best friend’s name to their favourite meal)
  • manage how your data is entered
  • decide how often reports are generated

Engage’s in built flexibility means you:

  • choose to set the sponsorship as monthly or annual
  • automatically send out sponsorship packs
  • receive alerts for when the sponsorship is up for renewal

Our system is fully integrated with donation processing and supports multiple types of different schemes. One donor can support many beneficiaries simultaneously, without confusing, repeat or redundant data.

As soon as a donation is made, the sponsorship is automatically created

Do it beautifully for an elevated donor experience

Our sponsorship system sends out automated reports to donors that are clear, informative and beautifully designed.

Be sure to enhance your donor experience as well as increase donor retention by elevating the quality and aesthetics of communication they receive from you, without any additional exertion on your part.

Build trust with your donors and increase sponsorship donations through regular, automated communication giving them tailored feedback showing them how their contributions are making an impact.

Curious about what we can do for you?

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