An integrated suite of applications covering all of your charity's key needs

An integrated suite of applications covering all of your charity's key needs

More than ever, charities need effective, robust and integrated systems to comfortably cover all aspects of their work, from fundraising to finance and programmes.

The N3O Cloud is an affordable cloud-hosted platform for charities, providing comprehensive features to enable you to manage your charity’s operations with fluency and ease. From the moment donations are entered into your system to when they leave your account, the N3O Cloud ensures you enjoy complete control, maintain oversight and can easily manage the process from start to finish.

ENGAGE— Fundraising Platform

Engage is a powerful CRM that covers all the functions your charity needs.

Our tailored system allows you to effortlessly manage donations, engage donors, support fundraising and strengthen marketing. Engage enables your charity to do more, stay in control and provide a positive donor experience to your supporters, every time.

The functions of Engage include:

• Donations
• Payments
• Sponsorships
• Analytics & Reporting
• Call Centre
• Communications
• Enhanced Fundraising
• Data Imports
• Pledge Management

engage Roadmap

Engage is now available

TALLY — Charity Finance

Tally is financial management tailored for charities.

It is highly integrated with the Engage CRM meaning charities will enjoy real-time management of donations, payments and tax relief.

Rather than replace, Tally seamlessly integrates with the accounting application your charity already uses, adding value to your current system.

Tally Roadmap

Tally is currently available in beta and provided with the Engage CRM

The functions of Tally include:

• Fund Management
• Income Reconciliation
• Direct Debit
• Banking
• Tax Relief (Gift Aid)
• Financial Reporting
• Income Deductions
• Accounts Integration
• Financial Analytics

REACH — Programmes Management

Reach is built to help you effectively manage your entire project life cycle and ensure your programmes are run efficiently. Reach will ensure you can easily measure and visibly maximise your impact, while staying compliant throughout.

Reach has real-time integration with Engage and Tally to ensure you can access up to the minute fund availability so donations can be managed and spent in a transparent manner. You can also ensure all fund restrictions are captured at source and honoured throughout the project life cycle. No project is out of place, Reach has a broad support for a range of projects, from institutional grants to water wells on the ground.

The functions of Reach include:

• Full Life Cycle Management of Projects and Programmes
• Grant Management
• Concept Note/Proposal Submissions
• Governance & Due Diligence
• Beneficiary Management
• Risk Management
• Monitoring and Evaluation
• Requisitions
• Reporting

Reach Roadmap

Reach is currently under development and due to be released in 2024

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We believe in providing a tailored, comprehensive and intuitive way to enhance the work your charity does- every step of the way.


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