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Who doesn’t love a gift? In a world of options, charities are able to present attractive gift options for donors wishing to give gifts that are not only thoughtful and different, but create lasting change. 

Whether a flock of chickens, an olive tree, or a cataract removal operation- charity gifts integrate fundraising, marketing and comms in a fun, impactful way. By packaging up your charitable projects into donatable ‘gifts’, donors can give on behalf of a loved one and everyone wins- the donor, the one gifted and the beneficiary receiving the charity.

How charity gifts work

Donors will browse a list of charity gift options with a range of price handles, select the one that is right for them and ‘checkout’ the item. They will then have the option of sending a personalised message and card to an individual of their choice. 

From this point onwards, charities typically allocate charity gifts in two ways:

Case 1 approach of Oxfam and CAFOD. Case 2 approach of World Vision and Muslim Hands,

Managing Charity Gifts with your CRM

Whichever way your organisation handles charity gifts, N3O’s ENGAGE has been designed to cater for the wide range of approaches a charity may choose. 

For those using Case 2, ENGAGE uses an upcoming module called ‘Feedbacks’. 

This allows charity gifts to be entered into the system and categorised. The main features of this module include:

  • Making custom feedback items with fixed or lenient price handles.
  • Capturing additional information about the donor (e.g.: well name, in the name of etc).
  • Custom designing PDF feedback reports for different gifts – display your organisation branding, colour scheme and fully-flexible text/picture configurations.
  • Sending additional automated gift certificates or thank you letters with each gift.
  • Approving workflow so you can check what the reports look like before they are sent to the donor via email or post.
  • Making financial transfer lists – track the amounts you need to send to overseas partners.
  • ‘At a glance’ reporting of which gifts have not started, are in-process or are complete.

All in all, this helps streamline the charity gift process and remove the pain of trying to manage multiple donations whilst ensuring integrity of implementation for the beneficiary. It also provides important transparency to donors. 

How to enhance your Charity Gift programmes

Why not try some of the following?

  • Allow donors pledge for a charity gift and encourage their friends and families to donate towards it (e.g. a £5,000 water well).
  • Send additional merchandise with their certificate to donors who purchase large value gifts – e.g.: key rings, toys etc. 
  • Set up invite-only Facebook groups for donors who donate to a particular gift. This creates a community and sense of ownership for donors.
  • Personalised messaging for those purchasing gifts on behalf of somebody else

If you would like more information about Feedbacks or ENGAGE generally, please visit www.n3o.ltd or you can email help@n3o.ltd.

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